Differences between casino poker and online poker tournament

Card games are with humans since the beginning of civilization in one form of the other. It evolved to item modern form, but basic gaming instincts are more or less same. The principles of uncertainty, chance with load of reward to manipulate emotions are still intact in the game.

online poker

In online poker space these instincts get more intensified as you play in virtual space. Whether you are playing live on casino or online, you have to play with your basic skills so that you could use your cards to win the game. Online poker has certain advantages in terms of freedom, flexibility, location and pocket. You have to be really smart to utilize these advantages.

Let us explore the differences of online poker and live poker. It is all about perception, meaning from where you are trying to see. If you are more in an online space you will try to justify your position and reverse would be the case if you are still in a traditional style of play.

  • Speed Matters

You may not like it if you love the atmosphere of the casino, but live poker is definitely very slow. In online poker you have the liberty to play several tables at a time and see over fifty hands in an hour. In live poker you have to remain seated for hours on single table with maximum 20-30 hands show in an hour. Live poker has the drawback of bringing boredom. The time you get, normally pushes you towards excessive analysis which normally backfires.

  • Soft vs. Hard

If we compare online poker tournaments with live poker games, then live poker cash games looks softer. The online learning experience is the biggest difference.  Online poker1001 situs poker online is more centered on aggressive money making, while live games are more centered on fun quotient.

  • Online Variety

When it comes to variety, live casino poker stands nowhere as compared to options available in an online poker space. This is equally valid for game types as well as limits. You have more flexibility in terms of wallet in an online space as against the live poker.

  • Socialization

This aspect makes live poker better as this makes you feel social in a competitive atmosphere. On the other hand, online poker takes you away from the social net in the world of isolation. You emotional triggers need live cue to get max response, live poker is better in that sense. It is a classical math vs. psychology debate. Live poker is all about psychology and online poker is all about mathematical analysis.

  • Convenience

Even if you are a diehard casino fan, you won’t get time to be in casino to play poker for 3-4 hours. Online poker gives you the flexibility of time and space so that you could enjoy the game anytime anywhere.

When it comes to card games, you have to rely on your skill to read cards. The understanding and mastery of the medium, whether live or online poker comes later. If you are good in one medium, you should play there and win maximum. An ultimate goal is to have fun and fund. Just play and win!